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3 Weddings and 1 Story | Gávea Theater

Oct 06

To celebrate the Silver Wedding, woman gathers the ex-husbands, who adding the wedding time with each one completes 25 years. Under the direction of Jose Lavigne, Naura Schneider, Henri Pagnocelli, Marcos Breda and Mauricio Pitanga live the quadrilateral on the scene. The piece promises much confusion and laughter.

The play “3 weddings, 1 story” tells the love life of a woman who is about to turn 50 and wants to realize a dream: to celebrate her Silver Wedding! So far so good. It is normal to want to celebrate a lasting relationship. But this celebration completely escapes the traditional. Since to celebrate 25 years of marriage, she must add the years in which she lives on the side of her three ex-husbands. Then she offers a dinner party at three, without revealing that they will meet and their real intentions. From there, this delicious and dynamic comedy promises to “catch” the public with surprises, DRs and unusual revelations, when they discover that Joan was a type of woman for each one.

The show, which has an argument by Naura Schneider and text by Cláudio Torres Gonzaga, shows how to treat in good humor the encounters and disagreements of life and that it is always time to realize dreams. And of course the spectators will eventually identify with the characters and die of laughter. The direction is signed by the brilliant José Lavigne. In the first line, Naura herself, Henri Pagnocelli, Marcos Breda and Mauricio Pitanga. – Cultural Support www.MultiplierApp.com.br – Você. Ao Vivo. Multiplied. Create your free account and multiply now on social networks!

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