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Government and Public Administration

Dec 03

The 2018 elections showed a lot. To begin with, a president is elected with only 7 seconds of television, using live Facebook as a platform for the national and international press. But it’s not anyone who can have almost 10 million followers on Facebook, outside the other social networks … So far.

MultiplierApp and Creates and Realizes Creative Projects has created a success model that really works, that works great. After all, after more than half a billion people impacted with more than 50 million likes and comments through our customers, we got a lot but learned even more. And now, we want to share this huge success with you.

We use the MultiplierApp application, which is a technology unique and unprecedented in the world, because only MultiplierApp can connect thousands of people in a mega social network without having login and password of anyone, and also without being anybody’s social network administrator, and still not be a robot and be totally legal, because you just send your electronic invitation through WhatsApp, Messenger, or wherever you want, and with 1 click people accept to be part of your network, and then, they all go live with you at the same time, even with cell phone turned off, creating a mega social network. You and all of them go live at the same time, using only your cell phone, your computer, or the coolest thing of all: with videos that you can record on your phone or produce with your team and then release live on this mega social network you’ve created, on the best dates and times, and as many times as you want. It’s simply a burst of mass communication, but with a very high level of confidence, because you begin to speak through each of these people, with their friends and followers in their personal profiles, on their pages, in their groups or channels.

Now that you know the huge advantage that MultiplierApp offers, let’s talk about how to use it most efficiently. Our successful model offers specialized service, with training for its work team, ranging from mounting your mega social network correctly, to the evaluation of the final results, through the analysis of your target audience, by creating and modifying strategies, by the daily monitoring of what was and mainly of what needs to be done, and more. It is the perfect union between practice and technology, customized according to each situation.

And there’s more! You also have a private channel, with no connection to social networks, but closed, where only the people you authorize will be able to watch and interact with you live, from cell phones, computers or any equipment connected to the internet. In this channel, you can also schedule recorded videos, as well as search hundreds or thousands of people at the same time, guiding, empowering, defining last-minute strategies, and more!

Thus, you assume and maintain your leadership with a huge power of external communication through social networks, internal communication, your private mega channel and all this with the support and accompaniment of a team prepared to help you maximize the strategy and management.

Finally, I know that life is running, that now you have to answer a lot of people in WhatsApp, that there are people waiting for you and all that. But if you want to win, or if you have already won and you really want to stay in that position, you have to take that attitude now.

These are our 3 golden rules: be authentic, start acting in advance and communicate as much as you can.

Just go back in time and look at the history of all those who have struggled and won.

Are you ready for this?