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Intersocial Vila Kennedy #NetBet

Jan 26

When a community unites in one voice, everyone listens. It gets stronger, and with that, the community and its residents are given more opportunities for support, encouragement and investment. Through the innovative and exclusive technology of MultiplierApp, all personal Facebooks, pages and groups go live together, reaching thousands of people and causing millions of likes, comments, etc.

Our country is continental and in it, thousands of communities move billions of R$ (reais) annually. Through the mega social networks created in each community, giving voice to them, we reach the target audience according to each strategy and, at the same time, we add value to brands and projects, starting with Vila Kennedy / RJ, we will reach 18 communities in 4 more states in 2019. Connecting 1,000 Facebooks in each and shooting 2 videos a day, averaging 1,000 friends per Facebook connected, will achieve a 2.8 billion impact result, generating opportunities, adding value and changing for the better people’s life. Thanks #netbet #intersocial #vilakennedy #multiplierapp