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Live Marketing is officialized by the Federal Government

Oct 30

Promotional Marketing Association, which calls for recognition since 2015, celebrates it.


The General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic published Normative Instruction No. 7, dated October 24, 2018, which governs the bids and contracts of the organs and entities of the Government Communication System of the Federal Executive Branch (SICOM) with Live Marketing companies. The document is an achievement for the Live Marketing market, with strong performance by AMPRO – Promotional Marketing Association that, since 2015, has been officially claiming the recognition of Live Marketing as an independent Advertising Communication activity and, in particular, recognition of its predominantly intellectual nature.

The publication of the Normative Instruction on Thursday afternoon (25) was celebrated by AMPRO and the Live Marketing agencies that, from now on, can participate in the bidding processes in “best technical” or ” technical and price “, to the detriment of the restriction to electronic trading, through which hitherto services such as events were contracted.

“It is a historic moment for our market, as a result of the persistent and consistent work of AMPRO and, we must recognize, the sensitivity of the current SECOM leaders.All public companies, from the three federal levels, as well as the subsidiaries, must move on this understanding.We will now concentrate our efforts on another battle that we have been fighting for a long time.To end the unjust and illogical double taxation in our sector.We already have an opinion of Brazil’s largest taxpayer, Dr. Ives Gandra Martins, clarifying the issue. it must recognize the distortion and make it possible to correct this issue “, says AMPRO President Wilson Ferreira Junior.

Other important achievements of the text are the possibility of subcontracting suppliers by agencies, the payment of creation and internal services based on a pre-established table – which was contributed by AMPRO – and fees for third-party services.

“All of these provisions reinforce the recognition of Live Marketing activity and the role of agencies. By 2010, Live Marketing services could be outsourced by advertising agencies. As of this year, with the enactment of Law 12.232 that regulated the advertising bids, there was a veto that prevented this practice, and we were in a limbo. Now, with the new Instruction, there is a plethora of market that can be opened, especially due to the availability of the Call for Proposals, which will be available for consultation on the SECOM / PR website “, adds the VP of Government Relations of AMPRO, Moisés Gomes.

According to the latest AMPRO survey, Live Marketing moves around R $ 45 billion annually in Brazil. One of the fastest growing communication segments in the country is the umbrella where all the actions, events and campaigns that take place live in the relationship of the consumer or shopper with the brand, product or service are inserted. Under this umbrella are Promotional Marketing, part of the strategic concept of Digital Marketing, Trade Marketing, Incentive Marketing and all the tools inherent to each of these segments, such as events, for example. Forums, congresses, exhibitions, shows, festivals, brand activations, promotions, tastings, incentive trips and actions on social networks are examples of Live Marketing actions.

Check out the paragraphs of the new Normative Instruction most relevant to Live Markteting:

Art. 1 Discipline the bids and contracts of the organs and entities of the Government Communication System of the Federal Executive Branch – Sicom with promotional marketing and / or live marketing companies, under the terms of Law No. 8,666 of June 21, 1993 and, in a complementary manner, the Normative Instruction of the Ministry of Planning, Development and Management – MP No. 05, of May 26, 2017, observing, by analogy, the rules established by Law 12,232 of April 29, 2010, in the that fits.

Single paragraph. The provisions of Law No. 13,303 of June 30, 2016, as expressly set out in its article no. 13303, apply to public tenders for promotion services of public companies, mixed-capital companies and their subsidiaries. 28, capute, subsidiary and supplementary to the provisions of this Normative Instruction.

Art. 4. The bidding will be processed according to the modalities of competition, pricing or invitation, according to art. 22 of Law 8,666 of 1993, adopting the “best technique” or “technique and price” types.

Single paragraph. The choice of bidding mode may be made based on the estimated value for the contest, in terms of arts. 23, 39 and 46 of Law No. 8,666 of 1993.

Art. 5 The promotion service, a priori, has an intellectual, intangible and indivisible nature, not falling within the concept of common goods and services.

Single paragraph. The intellectual and indivisible nature of the object of contracting the promotion services must be duly justified by the contractor, based on their needs and the dynamics to be established with the contractor during the contractual execution.

Article 13 The invitation to tender for the contracting of promotional services will have the following activities pertinent to the concepts defined in items I to VIII of art. 2 of this Normative Instruction:

I – prospection, planning, development, formatting, organization and coordination of promotional actions of the organ / entity, directed to the internal and external public, in national and / or international territory;

II – creation and technical execution of promotional actions and / or materials, within the scope of the contract; and

III – creation, implementation and development of innovative forms of promotional action,

aimed at expanding the effects of the actions of the organ / entity with public interest, in line with new technologies.

Other details and the full text:…/do1-2018-10-25-instruc…

The Promotional Marketing Association is the only one that develops broadly the theory and practice of the Live Marketing industry. Headquartered in São Paulo, it is 25 years old in 2018 and has approximately 300 associated companies, with comprehensive representation throughout the country. #multiplierapp