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MultiplierApp in the Marketeria / Paradiso FM – Block 3

Oct 06

With Alexandre Amorim and Lula Vieira, one of the most well-known advertisers in Brazil, he was chosen as Advertiser of the Year by the Brazilian Advertising Association and the “Professional of the Year” Prize for 6 times, deserving more than 300 advertising prizes among the Cannes Film Festival and Globe Network’s Professionals of the Year. The Marketeria is an intelligent program for the discussion of topics and ideas about the business world and themes relevant to the city of Rio de Janeiro. It was an honor to participate and now, to be able to share with those who could not hear. Let’s release 4 videos in 4 consecutive days, one for each block of the interview. The Marketeria will air every Monday from 9 pm to 10 pm, Rádio SulAmérica Seguros Paradiso Fm, 95.7 FM. Once again, thank you to all partners, friends and collaborators. The miracle of multiplication begins, when you and I come together and together, we take action to achieve our goals and thus also realize our dreams together.