NTT DATA Open Innovation Challenge finalist – MultiplierApp

NTT DATA Open Innovation Challenge finalist

Jan 27

MultiplierApp is one of the 8 Brazilian startups finalists of the NTT DATA Open Innovation Challenge, whose final will be held in Itaú / Cubo next February 18th / 2019 for executives of the NTT DATA Group and another 60 large companies. The Group is a technology company headquartered in Tokyo, with more than 150,000 employees in nearly 600 companies in the most varied technology and sustainability segments in 5 continents, among them to that holds the event in Brazil. The NTT DATA Open Innovation Challenge is being held almost simultaneously in 20 countries and the finalists will compete for the world award on March 13th and 14th / 2019 in Japan. Regardless of the results, both here and there, a huge network of relationships and business are formed for all involved. Categories are 1. Healthcare & Life Sciences /2. Finance, Insurance & payments / 3. Automotive & IoT / 4. RPA & Back Office / 5. Storefront & Digital Marketing / 6. Data Distribution and 7. Disruptive Social Innovation, in which MultiplierApp has been ranked. None of this would be possible without your participation and trust. We owe this opportunity to you who trust and multiply through our technology, so we are very grateful in every way and whatever the result, we congratulate the other participating startups selected or not, that make us proud to be Brazilian. In the end, we hope to learn, grow and contribute more and more with multiplier solutions and experiences for your project, product or business. Thank God, family, employees, partners, supporters and clients. Thank you to Facebook. Thank you NTT DATA and EVERIS. Thank you Brazil.

More information about the NTT DATA Group and its technologies and objectives:

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