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ODS live from NY

Jun 30

The Brazilian business sector will show the world, at UN headquarters, in NY, what it has been doing to advance in sustainability. The second edition of SDGs in Brazil highlights stories from companies that have aligned their business strategies with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These cases will be part of discussions on some of the great Brazilian challenges, such as water and sanitation, climate change, human rights, financing for SDGs, among others. National and international investors and representatives of UN agencies and governments will follow.
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ABOUT THE EVENT: The second edition takes place on July 16, during the High Level Political Forum 2019 in New York. Among the cases highlighted, some are recognized in the SDGs Global Compact Award, held in May, in São Paulo.

Rede Brasil wants to give relevance to the signatories’ engagement with Agenda 2030 and create another awareness front for other private sector actors to contribute to the citizen’s business mobilization. The last edition of SDGs in Brazil took place in parallel to the 73rd General Assembly of the United Nations, also in New York, and resulted in the presentation of 19 cases of good practices that can be checked on the website of Rede Brasil.

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