The Bolsonaro Election marks a change in political marketing. – MultiplierApp

The Bolsonaro Election marks a change in political marketing.

Oct 29

For experts, priority to digital platforms and strategic use of traditional spontaneous media were decisive for PSL candidate victory.

This year’s election is a departure from the idea of ​​”political marketer, that figure who is more individual rather than legal at first,” he said, referring to professionals who were often as star-crossed as the candidates themselves. Átila Francucci, vice president of creation of Nova / SB. “In this campaign, if all the opponents had started work with a much greater anticipation than the campaign season on television, which this year was much shorter, perhaps it had been more contested,” says Francucci. “The only one who has recognized this before, even if it started basically in social networks, was Bolsonaro himself, still in 2014.”

Flavia Ferrari endorses: “Marketing has reinforced its importance, but it needs to be renewed in order to improve the quality of its products,” said Flavio Ferrari, partner of the consultancy Unit34, saying: ‘Speaking badly of the competition is good for the competition – a lesson that product marketing has learned for some time. know the tools available to operate a campaign and better understand the demands of society. ”

In addition to stressing again that campaign time is still important, Attila Francucci states that “platforms, WhatsApp itself, and other professionals need to study how this movement behaves as a vehicle for communication.”

In times when the first pronouncement to the nation of the president-elect, even before speaking to radios and television, was in a live on Facebook, this message seems to have become quite clear.