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Usage Policies

MultiplierApp is a powerful collective live streaming tool for social causes that promotes human growth with tremendous outreach and engagement power. First and foremost, as an innovative model that is based above all on respecting people and trusting those who support your cause, allowing you to come live through their prior consent and for a specific purpose which is to promote your cause. So it is very important to talk about some fundamental things regarding privacy, social responsibility, legal and especially the best practices of use, for the best and safer end user experience. After all, what we all want is for you and your cause to help as many people as possible in the shortest possible time.
So, before you can open your account and start multiplying, you need to know:

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1 - Have or support a social cause

Selling more is not a cause. Electing is not a cause. Advertising a product or service is not a cause. Whether in health, education, entrepreneurship, faith, sport and many more segments, social causes stir the heart and mobilize people to take positive attitudes towards their lives, but especially here, towards the lives and attitudes of the people they follow. the profiles of those who volunteer for your cause when they subscribe to your channel. So if you don't have a cause yet, or don't know which one to support, look for one and get back together as soon as you can, promoting a better world with the development and engagement of real people through the digital world. But if you already have a cause or want to support one, please count on us!

2 - Learn how to use

You already know how to use Facebook, but when it comes to live live on multiple profiles, a lot changes. As their reach and interactions increase through the profiles registered in their cause, their responsibility increases, and with them, it is necessary a specific set of rules that allow the adhesion to their cause to grow safely in the digital environment and that eliminate the possibility of accidental errors while using MultiplierApp. Regardless of the amount of resources you have to use MultiplierApp, you can only use it if you are able to follow our usage policy in the security parameters set for this. They are clear, easy to understand.

Notorious institutions with national or international recognition can anticipate or even eliminate account approval steps, depending on the relevance of the cause or urgency to the proposed social project. For this, please contact us.
  • I - Account Approval: A maximum of 3 days for evaluation after completing the account opening proposal form. If not approved, we will contact you requesting additional information to enable us to better evaluate you. If eventually after the process your account is not approved for the specific use, we will explain the reasons for the best practices and usage policy for which you were denied. If approved, we move on to the next phase: practice tests.​​​​
  • II - Trial: After approval, we created your account to test MultiplierApp in practical way. At this stage MultiplierApp creates an electronic invitation. It is a link, which can be distributed by WhatsApp, Messenger, posts on any social networks, email, etc. By clicking on it, you can register your social networks and people who want can also register their social networks safely, free and unlimited, and this, which we call 'networking', stays that way forever in MultiplierApp. The trial period lasts 1 week and can be extended upon your request, but it is not yet possible to go live directly from computers or mobile phones, and only previously recorded videos, either via mobile phone or with professional staff, are allowed for confirmation. that its content is compatible with the proposed cause and that it complies with the usage policies At this time you should schedule via 'Auto Live' - explained in the next topic - at least 3 videos related to the cause for approval and later delivery.
  • III - Auto Live: It's the part of MultiplierApp where you can upload recorded videos and schedule when they go live. In this case, all those who registered through your electronic invitation - your network formed - will go live simultaneously with this same content on the dates and times you scheduled. It is through Auto Live that we approve or disapprove the delivery of your content during the testing period and at least 3 videos must be scheduled during the testing period for the correct evaluation of the related content. If your video may not be approved for its specific use after review, we will explain the reasons for the best practices and usage policy for which it was denied. If approved in the testing period, we proceed to the next phase: Account Usage.
  • IV - Account Usage: MultiplierApp is divided into 2 basic products: MultiLIVE, which connects live social networks simultaneously and MultiPRIVATE, which provides internal channels, for private live communication between you and your registered users, contributors, strategic partners, among many other uses, for communications you don't want publicly posted to social networks. They can be live or also scheduled live via Auto Live. All content you post to MultiplierApp> MultiLIVE is public as it is automatically published to your registered social networks - your network of people who have connected your profiles to social networks. Regardless, we record and keep all your live streams on file. Videos serve as the legal basis for monitoring content, which must always adhere to best practices and usage policy.
  • V - Account Limits: MultiplierApp is capable of connecting from 2 to 10,000 or more simultaneous social networking profiles for live streaming. For greater operational control, we have set a maximum of 200 simultaneous profiles for you to go live directly from your computer or mobile phone. In addition, we only allow pre-recorded videos for early review of content against best practice and usage policy. This is also for your safety. By subscribing to your channel, profile administrators gave you the option to post live at any time, without notice, as long as they relate to the purpose of the subscription, which is your social cause. But they didn't give you permission to manage your profiles. This means that if something unwanted happens on a live stream, you can delete this post from the profiles you manage - your profiles - but not the profiles of others - your registered network. MultiplierApp is also not an application for 24/7 live video streaming. As important as your cause is, remember that you are posting to a third party profile, and what we want is the best possible experience for end users: for them, as well as their friends and followers, who watch through their content. Because of this, MultiplierApp identifies live video streams in looping or events over 12 hours without interruption and automatically blocks your streaming for 24 hours, thus preventing you and people from being penalized by social networks as well. . If your event will last longer than 12 hours without interruption, please contact us 48 hours in advance. The use of MultiPRIVADO for private communication is included free of charge in your plan; The concurrent user limit is 10 times the number of simultaneous live social networks in MultiLIVE. So if you hired a plan for 10 simultaneous social networks, there is no limit on social networks for people to watch your live stream, but in MultiLIVE's internal player, the number corresponding to 10 simultaneous social networks would be 100 people watching At the same time, if the plan is 50, it would be 500 at the same time, etc., always respecting the 1 to 10 ratio.

3 - Trust is everything

Do not let people lose confidence in you or your cause. If each person in your network has 1,000 friends, each one who disconnects is 1,000 less chances of success with each live stream. The opposite is true and essential to your cause. By allowing you to post live content at any time, they are giving you a spontaneous digital proxy based on their trust in you, their love for the cause, and especially endorsing whatever is broadcasted live to all the people who follow them. They take it very seriously. Us too. We want to help you with this, but we don't offer connections or databases. This has to be done by you and people need to want to be part of your cause spontaneously. Understanding the process on how to form a network of people, what types of content and formats contribute to greater adherence in accordance with the best practices of social networks, and above all, that promote the best final experience for registrants and their followers with your cause.

4 - Lets grow together

Here we will build a trust relationship between MultiplierApp, you and your network supporters. Let's build this relationship into practice based on 4 steps. Speed basically depends on you and your work team. The 1st It is identifying what you do, how you communicate, and what you want in relation to your cause. Knowing you better can help you get the best experience possible from the start. After approval of the creation of your channel, we entered the 2nd. where you will be able to try MultiplierApp for free. The pre-scheduled broadcasted videos serve as a reference to advance the growth of this relationship of trust and productivity, always related to its cause. In the 3rd. phase, we approve your channel and you can multiply with cause-related videos, still and temporarily pre-recorded, that consolidate the final user experience, adding even more audio-visual references and finally entering the 4th. phase, where you will be able to go live, not only with pre-recorded videos, but also via computers, tablets or mobile phones.

5 - Monitoring and privacy

All content broadcasted on MultiplierApp is not posted as a live stream only on all profiles of those who signed up to support your cause. We recorded this content for 3 basic purposes. (1) To let you know which videos you posted and when. (2) In order for you to reschedule any of them you have to go back to our app. (3) For legal purposes, described below. This means more security and transparency for everyone and under no circumstances will we post any content on your registered network, as well as respecting your privacy and data as well as all registered on your network. We collect only the data you see on the platform, inherent solely to the profiles you subscribe to and only in relation to the live streams you make. This information only serves to inform you about the results obtained globally, for each live broadcast on the network, or individually, results for each user registered in the same network. We have no access to passwords, do not trade data, profiles or any kind of information with third parties under any circumstances and we are in compliance with official APIs, which means that we do not use reverse engineering or any other authorization that is not officially approved by official process of each social network, which is worldwide and individual for each existing application.

6 - Best practices

From the point of view of the network formation, we respect the individual confidentiality of all who register to your cause, by the standard and official process of authorizations given within the social network. Using Facebook as an example, by sending your link by electronic means for people to sign up, they are redirected to Facebook itself, which proves through your means who the person is. In this process, neither MultiplierApp nor you have or never will have access to any password or data, even if basic about who is signing up. Once Facebook has confirmed the authenticity of this volunteer and in that connection, he/she and only he/she can authorize MultiplierApp to have access to the registration information for his/her personal profile and pages he/she administers, approving the necessary permissions for him/her to go live when you want to broadcast a video through it in support of your cause. They can unsubscribe at any time, just as you can delete that person's connection from your channel at any time. It is the power of this consensual yet secure relationship that makes MultiplierApp an indispensable tool for supporting causes in an organic, responsible and efficient manner.

7 - Legal and ethical responsibility

When you go live or schedule a video to go live at a certain time within Facebook, you are responsible for the broadcasted content. But if you make an unintentional mistake and then want to stop this transmission and delete it from your timeline, you can. At MultiplierApp you can't. In practice, people who have signed up as supporters of your cause on your MultiplierApp channel have only allowed you to post your live videos on their timeline, or from the pages they individually manage. They have not given you permission to access their personal profile or pages, to edit, delete or any other functionality. For live publishing only. You can only delete the posts from your personal profile timeline or pages you manage, if they are also registered on the network, because in this case, when you subscribe to your own channel, you are currently a volunteer for the cause, and if do not register your profiles, they will not go live, but if you register them as administrator, you can edit or delete your own content. No one in your network can post content, just you, and through them, impact and engage people by talking through them to their friends (eg personal profile) and followers (eg pages). This greatly increases your legal and ethical responsibility in every way. You are responsible for everything you post, multiplied by the number of volunteers, and if your content contains anything that is not in accordance with best practices, such as such as fake news, inappropriate, offensive, rascal content that incites violence or hatred, bullying, privacy violations, spamming, infringement of intellectual property rights among others, or otherwise disagree with content related to Your cause previously defined in the steps of account opening, testing and initial use, you will have your account deleted and you can answer for it legally. Going further, you will lose your credibility with those who support you most, because you will be betraying the trust of people who willingly and spontaneously decided to support your cause. Therefore, by using MultiplierApp, in your proposal to open an account and even before posting any video, you are required to accept our terms and to comply with the best practices and legal terms described in the links below and in the following. broad sense, having legal responsibility for the effects of such use. The terms also include content types and formats, which we'll see later:

8 - Contents and formats

MultiplierApp is not a selling tool for products or services, nor is it an advertising tool. This does not mean that sponsors who want to support your cause cannot be present in your content, on the contrary, we want your cause to have the highest visibility, engagement and interactions possible, but within a defined set of rules. In item 7 - Legal and ethical responsibility - you have access to links with various rules of use. Let's summarize the main ones:

  • Do not include third-party ads in live broadcasts before, during or after your content.
  • Do not insert a sponsor logo or animated logo or sticker within the first 3 seconds of your video, and if necessary, insert after or at the end of the video for a maximum of 5 seconds.
  • Do not post looped videos, images, animated or looped images, or live polls with static or ambient broadcast.
  • All previously recorded content should be clearly distinguished from live content.

9 - User Experience

MultiplierApp's mission is to give people the power to create mega communities around causes, making the world a better and more supportive place. We want to stimulate actions related to health, education, sports, culture, entrepreneurship, faith, personal growth, equal rights and many more relevant causes today. Use this technology to always deliver the ultimate user experience, creating quality content, giving people control, protecting their data, and complying with the law. If you want to be respected and recognized for this, to get as much support and engagement as possible in your cause, start by setting an example. That makes all the difference. Our main requirement is the ultimate user experience, especially from the point of view of friends or followers of your registered volunteers, people who do not yet follow you, but with whom you can now communicate directly using each other's credibility in defense. of your cause.

10 - Multiply your cause

Research done by George Town University has shown that people believe they influence their family and friends about social causes using their social networks (75%), support online social causes because it takes less time (64%) and find social media dissemination faster (56%). This statistically proves that the use of social networks and other technologies contribute to small and large scale social transformation. With MultiplierApp, this is automatically multiplied by the number of people registered in your network in support of your cause, apart from sharing. By giving you their audience through their friends and followers, they also get in return good voluntary action, reproduced in the form of unpublished and exclusive live videos, content that only you can do well: your cause. You may not use MultiplierApp to multiply sales or operating results. On the other hand, if your cause is true and is intended to mobilize people who promote human growth in our society, we guarantee that you will multiply solidarity, respect and love in the hearts of thousands. For that, count on us.

( X ) I agree to the usage policy when requesting the opening of my account.

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